Feather Installation Kit

Feather Installation Kit


Jingo has put together this handy kit for you to to attach your hair feather yourself.

The kit includes:

  • Mini Pliers
  • Hair Threader
  • Micro-beads



YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71uUrfPxy6g&t=1s

  1. Section of a part of your hair where you wish to attach your feather (we recommend mid-long length hair attaching near the root at the top of your head, and super long hair attaching near behind the ear/at the nape of your neck)
  2. Place a bead onto your hair threader, ready for the next steps!
  3. Grab a small section of hair (around 25-20 strands) and thread through the metal loop of your hair threader
  4. Near the root push the bead onto the hair! Now your strand of hair should be neatly through your bead near the root of your head
  5. Take your feather and thread the string at the TOP of your feather through the bead with your hair
  6. In order to position your bead correctly before you clamp, with one had pull your feather up and with the other pull your strand of hair downwards
  7. Finally, take your pliers and move the bead up as close to the root as possible and squeeze down firmly!
  8. In order to test if the feather extension is firmly in, pull feather gently - you should see the scalp lift away from the head slightly.

AND VOILA, you are complete!

Points to note:

  • Our feathers can be worn in shorter/mid length hair! They can be trimmed at the bottom, or if your hair is super short you can cut your feather in half and have two!
  • If you wish to remove the feather at any point, use pliers to squeeze the bead the opposite way to how it has been flattened and secured.


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