Crazy In Love

Crazy In Love


This flawless orange and pink feather is perfect for all you divas out there. So quick, snap up 'Crazy In Love' and get in formation so we can run the world, one feather at a time. Our Beyonce inspired feather is part of our bright and bold range, a wonderful option for those daring among us. If you're after a more subtle look check out our natural range.

Your feather strand can be attached to your hair using our 'Feather Installation Kit,' available to purchase on our website. Or they can be temporarily clipped in.



These feathers are beautiful visually and ethically.  

The strands are made from up cycled feathers that would normally go to waste, and their production supports sustainable local economy through empowered employment for South East Asian women.

Attachment options:

1) Temporary: feather strands can be attached to discreet clip-in attachments, so can be put in and taken out as frequently (and easily!) as you please - perfect for the corporate gal suffering from strict office-wear policy (...but who is a feather queen at heart).


2) Semi-permenant: feather strands can be attached to a small section of your own hair using tiny clamp beads. This attachment holds strands in your hair very securely (as long as 2-3 months with care!). They can, of course, be intentionally removed before this time. You can use this method yourself with our self-installation kit. If you would prefer the professional touch, contact us to find out our next pop-up event dates or to arrange a private appointment.

Other colours and styles available.

NOTE: image shows multiple strands in a bunch.

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