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• glitter • feathers • henna • braids •


About us

We are a sequin-wearing, smile-spreading team of artistés and beauty experts specialised in looking  - f e s t i - f a b u l o u s - !


Humans have ceremonially adorned their bodies for thousands of years, and we - l o v e -  this side of humanity.


We  - e n c o u r a g e -  celebration of the self and love to help party people be  - p l a y f u l -  with their look using our glorious palette of - d e l i g h t s - !


What we do

 bio-glitter -  face & body art - hair braiding -  hair feathers henna - hair styling - nail art - event styling - performers


Using only the most ethical materials, our artists can offer a range of services to enhance any event, production or theme with a tasteful touch of festival fun. 


Where we do it

festivals - parties - corporate - brand activation - one-to-one


Whether you need a dose of Jingo fun to razzle the guests at a themed party or to communicate with your brand's consumers in a more engaging way  - we've got you covered! 


You’re mad, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.
— The Mad Hatter